Password Security & Staying safe online

There have been many instances of online email accounts being hacked especially Yahoo XtraMail accounts
- NZ Herald article 27 Feb 2013 - This was a timely reminder to use strong passwords all the time.

Below is information about some extra features to keep your online email etc safe & secure

Articles on Staying Safe Online

Google Accounts 2 Step Authentication

Google's Gmail and Google G Suite both can use 2 Step Authentication
2 Step Authentication is where you have to authorise your login username and password from a different computer with a code sent to your mobile phone

About 2-step verification Googles - 2-step verification

If you are using Google G Suite for your domain (I.E. logging into Gmail using your own email address)

If you are a customer of mine and use Google G Suite - let me know if you want to turn on 2 Step Authentication in Google G Suite it takes me about 2 minutes to enable it.

Microsoft Account 2 step verification

Microsoft also allows two-step verification. Two-step verification is optional, but it is recommend that you use it. Learn how to turn on Microsoft Account 2-step verification.