Social Media

I can help you set up the following and show you how to administer them yourself - providing you with advice and tips on how to get the most out of social media.

  • Facebook Pages and Groups
    • Customised Facebook Pages
    • Membership Groups
    • Facebook advertising
    • Vanity URLs
  • Google + Pages and Local Businesses
  • Twitter Accounts
  • YouTube Channels

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Social Media Tips

  • Commit to it. Don't get into social media unless you can commit time to it on a regular basis
  • Be consistent - post on a regular basis (same time each day or same day each week)
  • Focus on Customers. Keep your customer in mind when writing content, you'll be more likely to engage the people you're looking to attract.
  • Set Goals for Social Media (Be a useful resource, connect with clients, contribute to the community, brand awareness/publicity, support customers, recruit, new business referrals)
  • 10 Google plus tips
  • YouTube Creator Academy
  • Think with Google YouTube research study