Website Development

What Devine Websites can do for you as part of Designing & building your website

  • Work with you or a designer to create a design / concept for the website
  • Create a standard template for the look and feel of the website (menus, colour schemes and fonts etc)
  • Alter and/or optimise any images provided for web use
  • Create or obtain basic imagery needed to complement the website
  • Layout each page as required with text / images and any other content
  • Optimise the whole site for best search engine ranking (SEO) and download speed
  • Provide simple legal disclaimers, privacy statements and copyright information needed for the site
  • Submit the domain to major national and international search engines and relevant internet directories
  • Set up free generic website statistics
  • Set up free Google website monitoring tools and statistics packages so you can monitor how the website performs

    These tools include:
    • Google Search Console - Site Maps
    • Google Analytics
    • We also offer advanced tracking options using Google Tag Manager
  • Advertise the website:

What you will need to do

Provide branding and other content in the form of text / images product photos etc - I can usually adapt most of the graphics from your existing branding if any.

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