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Affordable Auto Services massively increased its paid, organic & direct traffic, with an 88% decrease in customer acquisition cost.

Affordable Auto Services Case Study

Longtail Pet Motel more than doubled Adwords click through rate and achieved 3513% return on investment!

Longtail Pet Motel Case Study

iPlumber nearly doubled its connections with new customers and almost halved the cost of getting a new customer.

iPlumber Case Study

SPL Washrooms more than doubled AdWords visitors with increased sales and daily enquiries at half the previous cost.

SPL Washrooms Case Study

I found your advice very helpful, and I appreciated that you used language that a person like me, who is semi computer literate, could understand.

You obviously have a great depth of knowledge and can apply it to your customers individual needs. I fully intend to take on-board the advice you gave me.

It was time well spent for me and I'm sure we will meet again.
Many thanks again,

Alan Jeffery

We highly recommend Scotty and his extremely knowledgeable expertise in Google Analytics, Google AdWords and websites that work!

We were spending $400 p/m on Google AdWords and we had no idea what our ROI was. We were getting the odd enquiry from our website, but we could’t track where those enquiries came from.

Since Scotty implemented his Google “best-practice” systems and Google AdWords THAT WORK, our website is now getting daily enquiries, our sales on some products have doubled and we’re getting more leads than ever before... AND we’re only spending half of what we were on Google AdWords!

Another exciting thing is we can track what our users are doing, so now we know where to focus our efforts.

Our website is our biggest marketing tool, so we could’t be happier!

Jess Abbott - Sales & Marketing
SPL Limited

Damn it your Ads are so good!!

(comment via email after rewording Ads in Google AdWords Campaigns - there was a “bit of a competition” to see who could write the best ads)

Jess Abbott - Sales & Marketing
SPL Limited

Impressive... most impressive

(comment via email after doing contract work for legacy Gallagher Extranet Website)

Dean Hoebergen - Web Designer Gallagher Group

Thank you - again - the website is working its socks off already with 3 good leads so far!! (8 days after website went live)
We really have had great feedback about the website and lots of shares and likes on Phil's facebook pages. All good!!!

Claire Sarsfield
Viking Security Doors and Screens Limited
Client since July 2016

Scott's technical experience proved invaluable as we built our new website. Not only was he able to work with our creative team to produce the layout, look and function that we wanted, but Scott added value by optimising the site to gain the maximum exposure. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Scott for similar ground-up web design projects

Steve McDonald
Managing Director, Australasia Moulding Ltd
Client since September 2015

Thanks Scott - work is going gang busters - starting to take bookings for next February already (November 19).

I am getting lots of good feed back about the website and how easy it is for people to find there way around.
Thank you very much for all of your help in setting it up for me.

Mark Whiteford
Client since July 2014

Scott's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, as proven in the performance of the sites he manages. His commitment to best practice ensures we derive maximum value from our sites. His collaborative and inclusive approach and passion for SEO means he is always willing to share his expertise with colleagues.

Natalie Ward, Marketing and Events Manager - KiwiNet.org.nz
Client & colleague since October 2003

Your technical knowledge and abilities are outstanding, but the thing I most appreciate about you is your speedy turnaround time and/or communication about when you can turn stuff around.

You always reply quickly to emails and it makes me feel valued as your client.

Darcy Liddell
Scents of Peace
Client since July 2008

Scott - thanks for the enthusiasm and we look forward to a great web site.
We were blown away by your help and process - fantastic!

Ron Win, Gallagher Fuel Systems
worked directly with Scott at Gallagher Group

It has been such a pleasure to work alongside Scott in the development and upkeep of my business website.

Scott brings creativity and professionalism to every level of his work.

The website has been a strong point in my small business promotion and it has brought many compliments from both customers and colleagues.

I unreservedly recommend Devine Websites for affordable, thoroughly Kiwi and high quality web design.

Kirsty Gerlach
Owner - Kirsty Gerlach Hearing - Rotorua
Client for August 2010 to August 2014 (merged with nationwide company)

Scott provides great service, the extra steps he takes with all of his clients is amazing.
His support is awesome and the personal results you gain from his service are well worth it.

I would recommend his services to anyone.

Scott used to host our website and provide us his SEO experience.
We have now decided to take up the opportunity to run on our own and thank Scott for his continued support.

Hayley Smith (Developer) & John Smith (Owner)

We got Scott to look at our Website, AdWords, Analytics, Email Service, Facebook Login, etc. He did the works – basically our whole digital footprint was overhauled and sorted out.

Extraordinary service. This guy will make you money!!

Mike Cooper – Owner - AffordableAutoServices.co.nz

Scotty Thanks so much for our new website. We are getting many more visits and enquiries since you took it over. 90% of all our new jobs we have done have been through the website. So I'm really pleased...

Jamie Ross
Client since June 2013

Thanks so much Scotty for my website. I am getting lots of questions/enquiries and more importantly orders directly from my site.

This is the most traffic I have ever had so I wanted to say thanks for helping me grow my business through a great marketing profile.
It is steadily ticking over, legend!!

Renee Boleyn
Client since January 2011

Scotty - thank you for the help you have given us with our website, and newsletters. Your expertise is invaluable and greatly appreciated by us all. We look forward to continuing working with you.

Turner Syndrome Support Group New Zealand
Client since November 2009

Scott is a dream to work with. Not only are his skills and knowledge brilliant but he is also a fantastic communicator.

Anna Goddard, Marketing Coordinator - Gallagher Security
worked directly with Scott at Gallagher Group

I would like to personally recommend the web design services of Scott Devine of Devine Websites in Hamilton NZ.

I have had nothing but a fantastic experience working with Scott and I am amazed at how gifted he is in transforming visions into tangible results.

When I pictured my website, I had little idea how complicated it would be or how many technical conditions I would need to consider.

This included font compatibility with various platforms, or how search engines locate your site. Scott took care of all the considerations and allowed me to focus on things like content rather than the technicalities.

While anybody in his profession would likely suggest technical guidance, in my opinion, Scott's real speciality lies in his ability to assimilate your business mission, and tailor the atmosphere of your website to that objective.

Several times Scott helped me in areas that didn't seem like website design at all, such as areas like descriptions of my services, editing text and constructive feedback.

Furthermore, after I had visions of paying a graphic artist for a logo, Scott intervened. He saw what I was envisioning, and was able to doctor up the logo. Scott was able to make some image enhancements and deliver what my banner is today.

If you are considering an attempt at making your dream become a website reality, I highly recommend Scott's services.

Maryanne and I would like to thank you for all of your support over the past 10 years.
This includes the web-page design, updates/changes and hosting services you have provided.
We could’t of done it without you!

Wayne Edwards and Mary-Anne Cowan
Client from February 2006- June 2016

Scott Devine has been our webmaster for many years (April, 2002). He designed our original website in direct consultation with myself and over the years he has provided a great service in changing necessary details, how the website looks and what ever we have wanted altered. These changes have been completed in record time, a service we are very grateful for.

We have had feedback from many of our players, parents & other users, commenting on how great & informative the website is and how easy it is to get around. We look forward to many more years under the service & guidance of Devine Websites & wish him well for any future ventures he may undertake.

Michelle Benton
Junior Club Captain
Waitara Soccer Club
Client Since April 2002

Many thanks to Devine Websites for their very positive, supportive, informative and constructive assistance in the setup of our website (in 2006) and for the provision of the hosting services.

We found a website was critical as a common point business contact for clients and potential customers.

During start-up the concept of developing a website "seemed" simple but the reality was quite daunting and distracted the team from our core priorities.

Scott was able assist, answer all our questions and champion the process on our behalf at virtually no cost to us but of huge benefit to our business.

Many thanks again.

Jon Redwood
Auto Sound Centre (2006) Ltd
Client from June 2006 - June 2011